Exciting options for Women in Winter to make a fashion statement

Double Breasted Coasts

These coats come under the category of forever fashionable winter wear for women. They have been liked by women of different generations cutting across different age groups. Double-breasted coats come in different attractive colours including blue, green and red. These coats are also available in traditional darker colours. They also provide the curvy figure for women in addition to protecting women from the harsh winter weather.

They come in different styles including 1) military style, 2) Coats with wide lapel collars, 3) coats with stand-in collars, 4) winter coats in Half- Kimono style and 5) double breasted coats with drop in sleeves. These coats are also available in different shoulder styles. By wearing any one of these styles, ordinary women can make a fashion statement in their own way.

Fur Winter Coats

This is another excellent option available for women to showcase their penchant for fashionable winter wear. It comes in different colours including yellow, gold, gray, brown and copper among other colours. These natural fur coats are made by extracting and processing a particular animal skin. Hence the cost of such natural fur coats is also on the other side. Also there are animal welfare organizations which have been raising concerns about the safety and health of the animals. If you are one such woman, who feels guilty of wearing natural fur coat there is another excellent alternative available in the form of Faux fur Coats.

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