Experience Far Eastern Luxury with Akoya Pearl Jewellery

Classic White Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet

The quality associated with Akoya pearl jewellery in relation to the nacre and lustre of the pearls is unparalleled and the size and hues of this type of pearl means that it is ideally suited to classical style pieces of luxury jewellery. As may be apparent, the majority of Akoya pearls are to be found in the seas surrounding Japan and the oyster from which it is cultivated is relatively diminutive in stature compared to some of the other types of pearls that are regularly cultivated.

If it’s a classical style pearl gifts for Christmas that you’re planning on purchasing but weren’t quite sure which style of pearl to opt for, then Akoya pearls will be the ideal starting point for your search. There is no other type of pearl jewellery that enjoys the same illustrious history which Akoya pearls have and it will be the ideal accessory for both formal and informal occasions.

All jewellery images are copyright and used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.

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