The Top 3 Types of Incentives Employees Appreciate Most

Incentive awards for employees can be a great motivator at the work place. Sometimes work can bog down even the best of us, so it’s good to have a goal and a reward to look and work towards.

Not to say that all employees care only about the paycheck and any bonus incentive rewards, but it is definitely a nice thing that can boost morale across the workplace.

So what types of incentive rewards are the best for employees? While many larger corporations offer many throughout various categories such as employee discounts to other area businesses, that may not be possible for smaller workplaces. Here are the three best incentive rewards that can be offered to any employee of any company of any size.

At the end of the day, nothing motivates people more than cold hard cash. It doesn’t matter what the job is, when someone is offered with the reward of more money than they anticipated making in the first place, it can boost production.

It doesn’t have to be the type of pay day that will double someone’s salary, but any amount will cause employees to be motivated. The best type of money incentive awards are the ones that are given monthly and on a percentage tier.

When it is spread out quarterly, employees can become discouraged after the first month or two that they are not going to be able to reach their incentive. Monthly incentives offer a sprint to the finish each month that will have all employees racing to be the most productive.

If you listen to employees, one of the chief complaints that they normally have is their schedule. It can be hard to balance both work and life, and work schedules can really get in the way of all of it. Many employees have young children in school that they need to find a way to pick up and take to school every day. Others are just night owls or morning people, so their schedule may not fit their desired lifestyle.

For those reasons, offering an employee the schedule of their choice can be a great incentive. If there’s an employee that may like to stay up later, then working towards a shift where they can sleep in later can be a great driving force. It may be difficult to move the lowest performers to shifts that may be a hindrance on their schedule, but it has been shown to increase production if a more desirable work shift is on the line.

Time Off
The dream of every hard working (an even lazy) person is to be able to take a few days off, and still get paid for it. That’s why vacation time is one of the best incentive awards. When the reward is a three-day or even a four-day weekend, that can motivate a lot of people.

Getting to relax at home or getting caught up on errands that have been put off for too long while still getting paid is important to a lot of different people.

Now that you have seen what the best types of incentive awards are, it may be time to try them out and put them in place at your business. Find the one that fits the budget the best, and implement it from there. It’s sure to produce an increase in the work production around the office.

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