Women’s Tops: Fashion Guide by the Body Type

Women’s Tops: Fashion Guide by the Body Type

A stylish women’s top allows you to make a bold statement and also create a subtle finishing touch.  This can transform an outfit into any desired look. You can find the huge range of styles, from the classy to effortlessly casual.

This simple guide will help you in finding the perfect look for any occasion.

T-shirts and vest tops are the perfect choice for the everyday wear and considered as the casual women’s tops. Try the bright colours in spring or the summer, for winter the deeper and more understated can work wonders.

It is essential to understand the art of layering; it is the only way you can get the versatile wardrobe. A thin shirt or sleeveless top will surely work in the warm, but throwing a cardigan or the shorter women’s jacket can protect you from the elements.

Always try to avoid the clashing colours and bulky items; it is one of the effective type of layering. It is suitable to look for the similar, but not try the identical shades and keep them light. Don’t try to look overdressed; you can avoid this by stick only to the two or three items at a time.

A fun graphic T-shirt will make a statement with your clothes, there are lots of printed shirts available which can inject a little bit of personality into your wardrobe, no matter it is the unusual design, bold, favourite band or a witty slogan. For a classic bohemian looks you can try the long T-shirts with the leggings or skinny jeans.

For more formal events an understated look is essential. The blouse style and Tunic t shirts look classy and suitable for the office environment. The lighter colours such as sky blue and cream are the perfect for such styling. You can get a little bit of extra sparkle with some kind of experimenting with the accessories.

Shopping for women’s tops can be stressful. If the street gets too limited and the intimidating, the online catalogue shopping is a great way to find your desired clothing. There you can find the widest range and the size of stock at competitive prices.

The woman’s top according to their body type:


This style is perfect for the women with the broad shoulders and hips. The owners of such can also try tight fitting top, but it rarely fits this kind of body. You can also try a beautiful build to focus attention on the waist. V neck and the crew neck are better for this kind.


The wide hips and narrower shoulders are the characteristic features of this type. A noticeable increase in the visually of the upper body is required. This can be achieved by any kind of crew neck, sleeve and different prints at the upper body part of the dress.


It is recommended for the people having this type of the body to place emphasis on the chest and choose the half close fitted models. You can emphasize the waist with a belt. High waist tops will surely hide the belly. It is recommended to avoid the wider tops; the single-colour models will look perfect.

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